Team of Bcomp

Work Smart & Play Hard

Young, energetic and adventurous on field professionals in natural composites market.

Charlotte Pittet

Charlotte Pittet

Administrative Coordinator
Christian 2017

Christian Fischer

  • A multilingual MSc & PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the EPFL.

Christian - "I co-founded Bcomp with a clear vision of making a difference, bringing sustainable and more efficient material solutions to our everyday lives. Today, we have the technologies, the know-how, and especially the team to turn this dream into reality. I couldn’t think of anything more motivating to get up in the morning."
About your sleeping bag? - "The sleeping bag is my connection to the outdoors, to adventure, to freedom, ranging from fly fishing treks in Lapland to skiing trips in South America, and more recently sharing the unique outdoor experience with my children."
Ebba 2017

Ebba Carlson

Marketing and Business Development Manager
  • M.Sc. Stockholm School of Economics and UNC Kenan-Flagler
Ebba - "Working at Bcomp means being in a small, fast and flexible company but still working globally with top players; it means working with high performance materials that at the same time are sustainable, and it means working with great people"

What about your bag? " My sister designed this beautiful bag as a gift for me. It has great emotional value and combine gret design, natural material and craftmanship into a piece that only grows more beautiful with use."

Julien 2017

Julien Rion

Technical director
  • Responsible for New Product Development & Prototyping, with a PhD (EPFL) in the framework of the Solar impulse.
Julien - "Developing new high performance and sustainable technologies, which are implemented in products in so many fields is extremely rewarding. A unique opportunity to work for example with ESA, famous ski or bicycle brands, large automotive groups or luxury watch manufacturer."
What about the sporting gears? "Outdoor and endurance sports are very important to me. I like all activities in nature and sport is part of my equilibrium. Many of my “good” ideas were born when running or biking, so it is part of my job!"


Marion Jego

Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager
  • An agronomic engineer specialized in purchasing and supply chain management with MAI master degree of Kedge BS.
Marion - "Bcomp for me is a perfect example of the new business model in which I wanted to be involved. A company that develops and offers performance and innovation in a more sustainable way."
What about the flower? "As an agronomic engineer, plants and nature really matter for me. They are parts of my everyday life: when I purchase wood or linen for Bcomp, as during my time off, which I love spending doing all kinds of outdoor activities."

Pat 2017

Patrick Vuagnat

Manager Sports & Marketing Coordinator
  • A professional freeskier, promoter, opinion leader and graduate with Sales and Marketing diploma.
Patrick"I've been lucky to live of my passion for some years, now working at Bcomp is a unique opportunity to keep it alive with a meaning full job and mission."
What about the skis? "Freeskiing has plaid a huge role in my life, shaping many aspects of it. Way beyond a sport, it's a fantastic media to experience, explore, meet, share and of course spent awesome times surounded by wild nature."
Reto 2017

Reto Aebischer

Head of Prototyping
  • Bachelor of Science HES-SO in Mechanical Engineering, at the College of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg.

Reto -

What about the saw blade? “ To create something beautiful and performing out of a pile of raw materials is one of the most rewarding things to me. And this is why you see me here with my circular saw blade! “

Roman 2017

Roman Elsener

Sales Engineer
  • Wood Engineer with a BSc from Bern University of Applied Sciences and a Master of Engineering from University of Technology Sydney.
Roman - "Working with our great team at Bcomp combines my passion for natural materials with innovation and cutting-edge technologies."
Why about the bamboo pole? "Bamboo is an amazing plant with outstanding material properties. I enjoy working with this beautiful material engineered by nature."

Sophie 2017

Sophie de Rijk

Manager Industries
  • A quadrilingual mechanical engineering (EPFL) master, specialized in structural, fracture and fluid mechanics and material sciences within composites. 

Sophie - "At Bcomp, I have the opportunity to work together with large high impact industries and develop together a more sustainable future in mobility. I get to have a dynamic, multidisciplinary job for a result that I believe in."
What about the hiking shoe? "Being outdoors and hiking through mountains is what I love. Good hiking boots, some snacks and a jacket are all you need out there. I’m looking forward to the day that driving out till the start of the trail will no longer be a paradox with loving nature."

Vincent 2017

Vincent Hey

Manager Aerospace
  • Mechanical and material engineering Swiss technology institute (EPFL) graduate.
Vincent: "Working for Bcomp allows me to provide my competences in a field I believe in."
What about your camping stove? "I bring my fuel stove with me whenever I go for an outdoor escapade. It means freedom, wilderness and…good meals!"

Christian Beer

Christian Beer

President of the board

Experienced in international management - a member of several boards and an active member of the University of Applied Sciences, he is holding a degree in electronic engineering and a postgrad in general management.

Living close to the waterfront of lake Hallwil, Chris likes to sail his 25 footer and if there is no wind, he is out rowing his high-tech skiff.

Thomas Rauber

Thomas Rauber

Member of the board

An entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in international industrial companies, a Master of Economics, lecturer, mentor and an IMD alumni. 

Thomas discovers the beauty of the nature by hiking, biking and skiing during the winter. He’s hiked through North and South Americas and toured through New Zealand.

cYrille Boinay 2

cYrille Boinay


Career entrepreneur/intrapreneur and the founder of several start ups with a major in Business Administration.

Since he turned three, cYrille has been spending lots of time on snow with either one or two boards. He has crossed the continents including Africa and South America by his 4 Wheel Drive.

cYrille believes that Bcomp is a real game changer. He’s sure that the bCores® technology can make big skis lighter and stronger.