Born in the Swiss Alps, bCores™ are the lightest high-performance wooden ski cores.

Balsa, the lightest wood re-engineered into superior ski cores with unparalleled performance/weight – Bcomp’s proprietary bCores™ technology is revolutionizing the market. Designed in Switzerland with the latest lightweight engineering knowledge, by skiers, for skiers. Lighter, livelier and tougher - bCores™ ROCK!

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The lightest wood cores on
the market

bCores™ are the only ski cores made from pure balsa wood, which makes them the lightest wood cores on the market and gives them the best performance/weight. This makes bCores™ perfect for tough tours – or simply pleasant for everyday handling and allows you to save your energy for what matters!


Feel the difference.
Enjoy the ride

Developed by skiers for the love of the ride: the unique bCores™ technology means unparalleled shear stiffness at minimum weight. That translates into the liveliness, responsiveness and lasting pop that puts a big smile on your face. Or simply: enjoy the ride!


To endure use and
abuse over time

The high compressive strength of the bCores™ gives tough skis that endure use and abuse over time, so that you can enjoy them longer and harder.


Like a standard wooden core - at a
quarter of the weight

Shear stiffness is the heart of the bCores™ technology – the shear stiffness is similar to that of a standard wood core but at a quarter of the weight. It is created through a unique +/-45° architecture of wood fibres that guarantees the most efficient stress transfer between the skis’ faces. The shear stiffness means we can use superlight balsa wood without compromising the liveliness of the ski and build a high-performance core that lasts over time and in all situations.


Made to last through
use and abuse.

To endure use and abuse over time, the bCores™ have high compressive strength, so that you can enjoy them longer and harder.


By nature - the best core material.
Responsibly sourced

Wood is an unparalleled core material – it gives the optimal feeling and control, with minimum environmental impact and maximal vibration damping. Balsa wood grows extremely fast. Our balsa is responsibly sourced from FSC-certified plantations that care for indigenous people’s right and maintain biodiversity, resources and landscapes.

"Innovative materials are crucial in ski design. I’ve been a professional skier for 20 years, and designing all of my own skis for the last 17 years. The lightweight nature of the bCores is far and away the best ski core material I have used.”

Eric Pollard
Professional Athlete, Ski Designer, Artist.
Line skis

"By integrating the bCores into my freeride skis I could drastically reduce their weight without loosing on stability. I could therefore respond to the consumers needs, for light and stable freeride skis.”

Mathieu Fauve
Head of Research and Development.
Stöckli skis

"When being a competitor on the FWT and also afterwards, I always wanted a light ski that would be strong enough for my type of skiing. I like speed and jumps. With bCores I found the best answer to my needs."

Silvia Moser
Professional Athlete, former Freeride World Tour competitor.
Nordica skis

“As mountain guide and part time ski patroller, I need skis I can fully trust all times, to do my job under all kind of conditions. Been using Black Diamond skis with bCores for the last 5 years and have not been disappointed once.”

Remo Baltermia
High Alpine Mountain Guide, Black Diamond ambassador.

"With my style of skiing, and the terrain I go to, I need something that is lightweight to travel with across long distances and big changes in elevation. But that access is all about getting to mountains and faces that I can then ski in my style, so we were looking for materials that would keep the ski light and manageable, but also stiff and strong enough to charge with. bCores were super important in making sure we could achieve that impossible balance between super lightweight and still solid performance."

Sam Anthamatten
Professional Athlete, High Alpine Mountain Guide
Faction skis

“bCores fill up the technological gap that was left by 15 years of ski shapes and practices evolution. The best weight to performance ratio core material, that enables skiers to pursue progression and push limits a notch further.”

Pat Vuagnat
Manager Sports & Marketing coordinator, Freeskier.
Bcomp Ltd

"Bcomp and DPS hold a long history together— the relationship predates both companies, when the founders of both ventures collaborated on DB Skis. These days, DPS relies on Bcomp as a key partner to provide production and engineering support for the bCores, that make up a critical component for our award-winning, lightweight Tour1 category of skis.”

Srephan Drake
DPS skis

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Candide Thovex skis the world with bCores™

Filmed on Planet Earth. Candide scoured the globe on a search for the right spots, where he would attempt to conquer the most unconventional of slopes on his specially designed freeride skis with bCores™.

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Balsa wood sourced from FSC-certified plantations. Engineered in Switzerland, to specifically fulfill the needs of board-sports industry. Unique knowledge, great understanding and passion for the outdoor sports.

About us

A true garage startup story: the founders, passionate skiers and mechanical engineering PhD’s, decided to use their engineering knowledge to develop the ski core they wanted for themselves: a core that is light without compromising excellent downhill performance with lots of liveliness and pop. The goal was to create the lightest high-performance ski core on the market. Today bCores™ form the backbone in some of the absolutely best backcountry skis on the market.

Moreover, during the development process the founders discovered the bene-fits of natural fibers for lightweighting – which in turn resulted in a series of reinforcements that extend outside the sports market: they replace carbon fiber in motorsports, make automotive interiors lighter and even are used in projects with the European Space Agency, ESA. Products with Bcomp’s lightweighting solutions have won no less than 12 ISPO awards, among other innovation awards. 

Founded and based in the Alps, in Fribourg Switzerland, Bcomp has established itself as a leader in high performance natural fiber solutions.