Global ampliTex® exposure


The Australian based Lavender Composites and Archer Cork Skateboards are winning with the cork cruiser the precious JEC Innovation award in Asia. This board was developed to raise awareness that composites can be responsible to the environment as well as a performance product. Skateboards have always traditionally been wood, or composite carbon, but Archer decided to use Amorim's CoreCork, and reinforce it with Bcomp ampliTex flax fabrics, and infuse it with Sicomin GreenPoxy.

The result was a laminate that displayed an extraordinary reduction in vibration, creating a smooth ride for the skater, and a true performance benefit, without the use of any traditional mater.

At the same time in Orlando (USA) Clara, the ukulele, adds another piece of hardware to her mantel, the ACE award for Innovation in Green Composite Design. It is also made made from Bcomp's ampliTex® fabrics.

In Zürich, the interior architect and material coach Philip Kuntze presented the possibilities of flax as a design material during the Architektur0.14, the biggest architecture exhibition in Switzerland. He integrated a laminate of the ampliTex® non-crimp into a lamp.

ampliTex® flax braids has been selected and is currently part of "Smart Flexibility", the new exhibition curated by Materfad Barcelona Materials Centre. The “Smart Flexibility: Advanced Materials and Technologies” exhibition, inaugurated on June 24th, will remain open to the public until next November 14th. Stop by Barcelona and visit it in the new Design Hub Barcelona headquarters.

It is also a pleasure to inform you that our ampliTex® light textiles will be exposed 19-20th November in Milan during the event of arch@work. MATREC EcoMaterials Library shows as curator of the exhibition SIMARCH how environmentally significant materials can be used in applications for architecture and industrial design.