Cut weight and plastic with ampliTex™ and powerRibs™ 

Sustainable and beautiful exterior components 

BMW M Diffuser with Natural Fibre - multiple colors

Sustainable design 


Icon 50% lighter parts
Icon 70% less plastic used
Icon Circular solution
Icon Customisable Appearance
Icon Large-scale production


Flax field

Manufacturing Process

Compression moulding

Not only do ampliTex™-PP and powerRibs™-PP have a substantial positive environmental impact, but they also deliver practical benefits for large-scale production. Easily integrated into existing compression moulding lines, the technology can simplify manufacturing by eliminating certain steps. For example, creating parts with a perfect visual surface directly out of the mould allows to forego additional steps like the application of traditional cover materials. Furthermore, the possibility of implementing a one-step back injection process for local reinforcements and fasteners further enhances efficiency, allowing the solution to comply with tight time restrictions in mass production settings. 

Injection moulding

The character and soul transmitted by the natural appearance of ampliTex™, can easily be combined with the simplicity of an injection moulding process. Used as a customisable visual layer, ampliTex™ can replace traditional petrol-based cover materials with a renewable alternative while guaranteeing highest ease of use as a drop-in layer in your injection moulding process. This simple compatibility with one of the most widely used production processes, really allows OEMs and Tier 1s to easily embrace the sustainable design perks of ampliTex™ without having to worry about added complexity. 

Visual layer of choice, One-step process, Interior twin application
BMW M Diffuser with Natural Fibre - multiple colors