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    5008, bi-axial, 350 gsm5009, UD , 280 gsm5025, UD, 300 gsm5027, hybrid UD, 150 gsm5027, hybrid UD, 160 gsm5027, hybrid UD, 225 gsm5032, UD, 120gsm5040, twill 2/2, 300 gsm5042, twill 4/4, 500 gsm5043, twill 2/2, 200 gsm5057, UD, 150 gsm
    5019, 14mm, 215 gsm5020, 28mm, 215 gsm5022, 29.6 mm, 230 gsm
    165 kg/m3200 kg/m3300 kg/m3

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