Bcomp at JEC World 2024 in Paris

The Bcomp team is absolutely thrilled to announce that we’re back at JEC World 2024 in Paris! We can’t wait to see you at our stand in the Natural Fibre Village Hall 5, A45, and show you all the amazing things we’ve been working on! We are sure you will not want to miss us, and we have made sure that you can find us throughout the show and at various locations (detailed map coming soon).


Moreover, join Bcomp’s CEO and co-founder Christian Fischer for a discussion about “Unleashing the Power of Nature: Exploring Natural Fibers and Bio-Sourced Materials in the Composites Industry” on March, 5th at 12.00  in Agora 5 (Hall 5 D 135). 

Feel welcome to drop by, or book a meeting in advance with someone in our team. Also don’t hesitate to use the code: EXH1218356848 to get your free JEC badge before visiting us ! 

Bcomp™ is a Swiss cleantech company and ESG-enabler that develops and sells sustainable lightweighting solutions. Its proprietary natural fibre-based reinforcement technologies ampliTex™and powerRibs™reduce environmental impact in a wide range of high-performance applications, from automotive interiors to the highest levels of motorsports, from luxury yachting to sports, infrastructure, aerospace and even space. The Bcomp team offers its customers cutting-edge engineering support from idea to final part, out of its Fribourg headquarter.

Some of the exciting customer projects we are presenting at JEC 2024:

K2 Dispatch Skis

K2 and Bcomp worked together for the better part of the last decade to continually push the boundaries of high performance freeride and touring skis. The new Dispatch range has been developed to make the most of ampliTex™ flax reinforcements and provide an extremely smooth ride in any conditions.
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Duotone Concept Blue Range Kitesurfs

Made of ampliTex™ and basalt and manufactured with 100% renewable energy, these boards are Duotone's most ecologically responsible products on the market.
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AK Durable Supply Co. Harness

This Method RS Harness made with ampliTex™ reinforcement fabric gives the whole product a long-lasting rigid structure and a high-level support during a long period of activity, while matching the user's movements.
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Super Formula Bodywork

The SF23 of Super Formula features ampliTex™ in the racecar’s bodywork, using a 70:30 mix of natural fibre and carbon fibre that enables a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and safer crash behaviour while maintaining exceptional performance.
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Polestar 3 Seatback

By using Bcomp’s ampliTex™ for this high-volume seatback, plastic content is reduced by up to 50% and the total weight of the component is reduced by up to 40% compared to traditional materials and techniques.
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BMW M4 GT4 Bodywork

The BMW M pre-production diffuser with ampliTex™ is a natural fibre bodywork component that allows BMW M owners to outfit their vehicle with the same sustainable bodywork technology that is found in the most advanced motorsports series from F1 to GT racing.
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CAPiTA Aeronaut Snowboard

This board, developed according to Arthur Longo's tastes, offers core reinforcements in ampliTex™ V-Tech, giving this snowboard a smooth gliding feel on a wide range of conditions.
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Adidas #GREENPADEL Racket

This high-performance padel racket was designed and constructed with Bcomp's unidirectional ampliTex™ flax fibre reinforcements for extraordinary versatility in both offense and defence.
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Sabelt Seat

Sabelt collaborates with Bcomp within the "Carbogreen Project". The objective is to minimise the environmental impact of seating systems by using newly developed, renewable, and low-impact materials. The collaboration with Bcomp focuses on replacing standard engineering materials with natural fibre reinforcements. The first step uses thermosets, but a second step focuses on thermoplastic solutions as well.
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Bus A/C Cover

This Bus A/C cover made of ampliTex™, vynilester resin and gelcoat finish is an alternative to glass-fibre-reinforced plastic. It reinforces Bcomp's technologies' potential to replace conventional materials at scale.
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