Coupling Thermosets and Thermoplastics – Bringing Racetrack Performance to the Roads

The CONEXUS Technology

Austrian KTM Technologies – specialised in mobility concepts, lightweight and performance technologies – have been developing the CONEXUS technology over the last years. CONEXUS is a coupling layer that allows to directly bond thermoset and thermoplastic components thanks to its specifically formulated chemical composition.


Applied to a thermoset laminate, the CONEXUS technology results in a surface with thermoplastic properties, allowing for direct overmoulding with thermoplastic elements such as ribs, fasteners, and local reinforcements in form of PA6, or even the possibility for ultrasonic welding.

Coupling Sustainable Materials

Striving for a more sustainable solution to apply their new technology, KTM Technologies has collaborated with Swiss expert in sustainable lightweighting solutions, Bcomp. The brake cover of a motocross bike has been designed from the ground up to make full use of the best traits from both the thermoset and thermoplastic worlds. Bcomp’s technical ampliTex™ flax prepregs are used to create a lightweight yet stiff structure. The cured flax fibre composite part with the CONEXUS coupling layer, which is produced at the partner company ALBA tooling & Engineering GmbH, is then completed with reinforcement ribs, fasteners, and edge protection in the form of PA6 that is over-moulded in a special tool at KTM’s partner Altendorfer Spritzgusswerk GmbH.


Overmoulding the edges of the flax fibre composite elements protects them against potential interlaminar damage caused by impacts or flying debris while also providing a pleasing appearance. Compared to a traditional, injection moulded brake cover, this new version saves weight, shows reduced vibrations while it also significantly reduces the CO2 footprint thanks to the CO2 neutral flax fabrics. The coupling layer also gives the opportunity to separate the different materials at the end of product life and recycle the PA6.


Using Bcomp’s technical ampliTex™ fabrics rather than a standard carbon- and glass fibre hybrid layup, reduces the CO2 footprint of the thermoset components by roughly 82%. In the event of a crash or fatal impact on the brake cover, the flax fibres show a ductile fracture behaviour – completely opposite to the sharp shattering and splintering of carbon fibres that poses a risk to the track side safety personal as well as fellow riders with an increased risk for punctures. Significant safety improvements can also be observed at the production stage where flax fibres are pleasant to work with and don’t pose any risk to the worker’s health with zero toxic fibre dust.

Aiming for Full Circularity

The current version of the brake cover still relies on traditional epoxy resins for the thermoset and virgin PA6 for the thermoplastic elements. With the current advancements in the development of fully biobased epoxy resins and completely biobased PA6 already being available, KTM Technologies is looking at creating a fully biobased version of the brake cover. While some work will be necessary to adapt the formulation of the CONEXUS coupling layer to play nicely with the biobased resin and PA6, the potential for such a solution is significant. At the parts end-of-life the thermoset and thermoplastic components can easily be separated thanks to the CONEXUS foil. PA6 can be recycled and reused to produce new parts while the flax fibre composites with biobased matrix can be used as a source of renewable energy via highly efficient thermal energy recovery in state-of-the-art waste-to-energy cogeneration plants. In this case, KTM’s CONEXUS technology can be regarded as a key player, enabling a fully circular product.

Taking Racetrack Performance to Large-Scale Road Applications

Looking at the bigger picture, this brake cover serves as a demonstrator piece and perfectly showcases the technology and its market readiness, but the real break-through happens in the form of the ongoing technology transfer from race to road. What works perfectly on the small scale of the brake cover can well be transferred to other applications in the mobility market. With the possibility of adding local reinforcements, attachment points, and edge protection to thermoset composite parts in a highly efficient process might be paving the path for natural fibre bodyworks made from ampliTex™ in large-scale production.


Another possibility, provided by the co-cured coupling layer, are class-A body panels that can be manufactured with fixation elements directly on the back of the part via injection molding. With this material combination, the use of additional gluing steps is needless.

About KTM Technologies

Mobility beyond existing solutions. Innovative lightweight  construction. Applied technologies.


Three factors that KTM Technologies deals with every day, to develop reliable and safe solutions and innovative possibilities. Expanded with a deep understanding of the entire vehicle, the highly qualified employees at KTM Technologies solve challenges in many industries – from the first idea to serial production. As a specialist in concept development, KTM Technologies GmbH has specialised in mobility concepts, high-performance and lightweight technologies.

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Dec 22, 2022

An End-Of-Year Gift for Nature

Everyone has a role to play in making the world a more sustainable place. In our role, not only as a company that develops sustainable high-performance products but also as a customer, supplier, and employer, we are looking to act and make a long-term global impact. We care about our planet and it’s important for us to give back to nature. This quest for decarbonisation is part of our daily mission here at Bcomp. From the development of our efficient and sustainable solutions, to operations & commercialisation all the way to our customers where we enable others to have a sustainable impact over the life cycle of the final products. This sustainable business approach is possible thanks to Bcomp’s diverse and high-performance team, which acts united as One Team. Our transparent and supportive working environment is built on trust and allows us to have a real impact. For this end-of-year we decided to rethink the traditional concept of customer gifts. Rather than sending out the usual gifts, we wanted to give back to the planet and decided support a project that creates an impact where it counts. By planting and caring for mangrove trees we can try to help protect coastal areas and positively impact the lives of the local population. These mangroves’ impact on our ecosystem, both marine and terrestrial, and on the people who live along those coasts, was of particular interest to us as these wonderful trees play a major role in the fight against the climate crisis. All trees together create an ecosystem that benefits people, natural- and wildlife for years to come and everyone has a role to play in making this world a more sustainable place. The entire Bcomp team would like to extend its warmest thanks to all the people who contribute to this success story on the daily and we are very much looking forward to the many exciting things that 2023 holds in store. Happy holiday season and a successful year 2023! To learn more about One Tree Planted To learn more about Mangroves Have a question or want to stay in touch? Contact us now


Dec 13, 2022

Super Formula and Bcomp announce sustainable fibre composite bodywork for new era

Japan’s premiere single seater race series confirms sustainable fibre composite parts for the SF23 chassis as part of Next 50 plan Super Formula’s Next 50 plan includes new tyre compounds with recycled rubber and natural compounding agents and use of more sustainable materials in the race cars’ construction Innovative approach uses hybrid 70% flax and 30% carbon fibre panels and was nominated as a finalist for 2022 World Motorsport Symposium Green Tech Award Bcomp’s sustainable fibre composites are already extensively proven in motorsports series from F1 to Formula E, Extreme E, DTM and GT4 on Porsche, Mercedes Benz-AMG and BMW M GT cars Past Bcomp projects showed that a total material emission reduction of 90% is possible when compared to equivalent carbon fibre parts while the total cradle-to-gate emissions can be reduced by up to 80% Flax composites also offer safer crash behaviour than traditional carbon fibre and come with a viable end-of-life solution Fribourg, Switzerland. Swiss lightweighting specialists Bcomp and Super Formula have today confirmed their collaboration for the new era of Japan’s premiere single seater race series. Following successful testing of Bcomp’s flax fibre composites throughout the year, Super Formula has confirmed the innovative bodywork parts will appear on the new SF23 chassis. The announcement was made on the 50th anniversary of the championship, as Super Formula looks ahead to its future and is undertaking significant steps to target carbon neutrality. With their Next 50 plan, they have specified measures such as the use of new tyre compounds with recycled rubber and natural compounding agents in addition to the use of more sustainable materials in the race cars’ construction. Carbon fibre bodywork is used extensively throughout the motorsport industry and is responsible for a substantial carbon footprint. Many of the carbon fibre parts used in racing end up in landfill when damaged in a race or no longer needed. Bcomp’s innovative ampliTex™ and powerRibs™ composite technologies are made from flax fibre and offer a promising solution and have already extensively proven their performance across the board in motorsports series from F1 to Formula E, Extreme E, DTM and GT4 on Porsche, Mercedes Benz-AMG and BMW M GT cars. With low density and excellent mechanical properties, flax fibres are a significantly more sustainable option for developing high-performance composites. The unique combination of ampliTex™ flax fabrics with the patented powerRibs™ reinforcement grid allows this natural fibre composite solution to match the low weight and high stiffness of carbon fibre bodywork parts in a drastically more sustainable package. Analysis conducted in past projects showed that Bcomp's high-performance natural fibre composites enable a reduction of 90% in material CO2 emissions when compared to carbon fibre parts as well as an over 80% reduction of CO2 emissions from cradle-to-gate, considering all production steps from raw material to the final part. Introducing ampliTex™ and powerRibs™ flax fibre composites into the SF23 bodywork also introduces safer crash behaviour thanks to the absence of dangerously sharp debris and edges. Additionally, flax fibre-based composites come with a viable end-of-life solution that eliminates the need to landfill damaged or old bodywork. Extensive testing has been conducted in 2022 by Super Formula drivers to evaluate the new engines, fuels, tyres and, of course, the Bcomp bodywork. Sidepods and engine covers, entirely made from ampliTex™ and powerRibs™ performed well in the initial tests but it seemed more appropriate to create hybrid parts for the implementation in the SF23. A construction with about 70% flax and only 30% carbon fibre for local reinforcements proved to be an ideal combination of each material’s benefits while still significantly reducing the carbon footprint. This innovative collaboration has been recognised already across the motorsport community, including most recently being nominated as a finalist for this year’s World Motorsport Symposium Green Tech Award. Johann Wacht, Manager Motorsports and Supercars at Bcomp, said: "Super Formula is considered the second fastest racing series in the world and proves that sustainable technologies are ready to compete at the very highest performance level. The series impressively shows to the industry what is possible, and we are very much looking forward to a great season full of entertainment and sustainable innovations!" The 2023 Super Formula will feature nine races across seven events, with double headers at the season opener at Fuji and the season finale at Suzuka next October. Download the press release About Super Formula SUPER FORMULA Celebrates 50 YEARS Japan’s top formula introduces major sustainability and new action in 2023 the New Carbon-Neutral “SF23” the New Digital Platform “SFgo” Video of the New Machine SF23 Announcement | 2023 SUPER FORMULA PRE. SEASON Have a question or want to stay in touch? Contact us now


Nov 29, 2022

ZAG Skis – Built With ampliTex™ for a Smooth Ride

Winter is just around the corner and soon we’ll be able to enjoy the thrill of sliding down snowy mountainsides again. Nothing really beats the pleasure that we get from skiing through untouched powder and following our friends through the trees. Born and Bred in Chamonix ZAG Skis from the French Alps know a thing or two about skiing and making the perfect tools for the job. Based in Chamonix, they have some of the best testing grounds one could imagine just outside their ZAG Lab. Building prototypes one day, just to go and test them in the most challenging and striking mountain terrain on the next one, allows them to continually optimise the performance of their skis. ZAG is celebrating their 20th anniversary this winter and they are far from slowing down any time soon. The Power of Flax Fibres Ski construction hasn’t seen too many revolutionary changes over the past years but incremental improvements in all areas still mean that the level of performance has never been higher. The trend of lightweight freeride- and so-called freetouring skis has started to reach a level of maturity that put an end to the race for always lighter skis. While the low weight of a carbon fibre reinforced ski with a light wood core is highly appreciated on the way up, it will start to reveal its drawbacks as soon as you take it into some variable and icy conditions. The light and stiff ski struggles to deal with the typical vibrations and passes them onto the skier in a very direct way that is often described as a chattery feeling. ZAG Skis is collaborating with Bcomp and uses our high-performance ampliTex™ flax fibre composite reinforcements across the SLAP collection. ampliTex™ has proven its unique performance and sustainability benefits in applications from McLaren Racing’s F1 seats all the way to satellite panels built together with the European Space Agency. Incorporating Bcomp’s ampliTex™ flax fibres into the SLAP range of skis has allowed ZAG to create a very calm and smooth ski that is still light enough to earn your turns. ampliTex™ harnesses the inherent mechanical properties of flax fibres to provide 250% higher vibration damping than carbon fibres. As the result of countless R&D hours in the ZAG Lab, their engineers have found the perfect recipe with ampliTex™ flax fibre reinforcements to satisfy every type of free rider. Learn More About the ZAG SLAP Range Check out the SLAP collection from ZAG Skis Have a question or want to stay in touch? Contact us now


Nov 18, 2022

Bcomp wins BMW Group Supplier Innovation Award

Photo: BMW Group Munich. The sixth BMW Group Supplier Innovation Awards were presented at the BMW Welt in Munich on 17 November 2022. The coveted award was presented in a total of six categories: powertrain & e-mobility, sustainability, digitalisation, customer experience, newcomer of the year and exceptional team performance. Bcomp is immensely proud and thankful for winning the BMW Group Supplier Innovation Award in the Newcomer of the Year category. Following our successful collaboration with BMW M Motorsport for the new BMW M4 GT4 that extensively uses Bcomp's powerRibs™ and ampliTex™ natural fibre solutions and BMW iVentures recently taking a stake in Bcomp as lead investor in our Series B round, this award is another major step and recognition on our path to decarbonizing mobility. Photo: BMW Group “Innovations are key to the success of our transformation towards electromobility, digitalisation and sustainability. Our award ceremony recognises innovation and cooperative partnership with our suppliers – especially in challenging times,” said Joachim Post, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Purchasing and Supplier Network at the ceremony held at BMW Welt in Munich. Christian Fischer, CEO of Bcomp, commented: “It is a great honour to receive this prestigious award by one of the most premium car brands in the world. I would like to thank BMW Group for the great trust and collaboration over the last years, especially our BMW counterparts throughout the organisation who are doing an outstanding work to onboard Bcomp into their supply network. We are very excited to take the next steps together with them, to become a long-term supply partner and help BMW Group reach their ambitious sustainability goals. Finally, I want to congratulate the Bcomp team which has been delivering excellent and hard work ever since we started the company, bringing us all the way to this outstanding Supplier Award.” Photo: BMW Group Photo: BMW Group Full Press Release from BMW Group: Innovations are the key to success: BMW Group recognises suppliers with coveted Supplier Innovation Award Have a question or want to stay in touch? Contact us now