G3 – SLAYr freeride ski

first freeride ski with the new bCores™ technology

The G3 ski SLAYr is the first freeride ski with the new bCores™ technology – the lightest and most efficient custom-made core on the market

Thanks to the new bCores™ technology, the SLAYr has the lightest wood core on the market, resulting in exceptional performance to weight.

It allows for an ideal balance between lightness for approaches, while being fun with high downhill performance, lively, responsive and with a long-lasting pop. The SLAYr has been extremely well received by test skiers, particularly for being incredibly light without compromising performance.


For all types of skiers


Super easy and fun to ski regardless of skill level, this ski is suitable for any gender looking to push their limits whether far out on big lines than closer through trees. The lightness of the bCores™ make the skis light and easy to carry without compromising the outstanding shear stiffness and high compressive strength.


Play Naturally Smart


Made of pure Balsa wood, Bcomp’s proprietary bCores™ technology has a unique performance to weight ratio. This innovative lightweighting solution has high compressive strength to last through use and abuse.


The patented technology with +/- 45° wood grain direction gives exceptional shear stiffness thanks to the patented which is similar to that of a standard wood core but at a quarter of the weight. This results in a ski that can perform well also on the downhill and harder surfaces, without the weight normally associated with a stiffer ski, thus improving the convenience of handling.


Today, bCores™ form the backbone in some of the absolutely best backcountry skis on the market and this is the first of a new generation and new technology hitting the market in the G3 SLAYr freeride ski.


Balsa wood is a fantastic core material with low density and that grows rapidly. Bcomp’s balsa wood is responsibly sourced from plantations that care for indigenous people’s rights and maintain biodiversity, ressources and landscapes. Taking in account water usage, CO2 footprint and embodied energy, balsa wood has approximately 40% lower environmental impact than paulownia.



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