Melker of Sweden Kayaks

- changing the outdoor hardware industry

Bcomp is happy and proud to be collaborating with the innovative and inspiring team of Melker of Sweden. Their full range of kayaks uses ampliTex technical fabrics to reinforce the hull and make it lighter, while at the same time significantly lowering the environmental impact during production and the life-cycle of the kayaks.

“We are in business to make a difference – having a great time doing it”, is Melker’s mission statement and they live by it.

When founding Melker in 2015, Pelle Stafshede’s bold ambition was to completely game change the outdoor hardware industry. Investing a lot of effort in R&D to make the most sustainable kayaks and outdoor gear possible. These days they rely on Bcomp’s natural fibre solutions with ampliTex™ technical fabrics in order to create kayaks with very pleasing visual characteristics that deliver highest performance in the most sustainable package. Thanks to the naturally outstanding damping properties of the flax fibres, the kayaks manage to deliver playfulness in combination with great comfort.


Sustainable innovation

In the spirit of never ending innovation, Melker of Sweden is currently working on a completely novel manufacturing technique that makes use of large scale robot based additive manufacturing technologies combined with new biopolymers. 

The use of additive manufacturing technologies allows the time- and cost-efficient production of large scale products with short lead-time. This new manufacturing approach also significantly simplifies the development process for new products and enables Melker to operate in a circular ecosystem where they can upcycle waste streams and recycle used materials to remain in use. 


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