Racing the EGT Tesla and Building a Sustainable Racetrack

– a Busy Year for SPV Racing and Circuito do Sol

In the summer of 2018, the Electric GT Electric Production Car Series presented the very first Tesla Model S P100D race car to the public in Barcelona. The unique race car was built with a complete bodywork from Bcomp’s ampliTex™ and powerRibs™ flax fibre technologies, contributing to reducing the car’s weight by 500 kg compared to the production model.


Two years later, the Electric GT race series has been temporarily put on hold and its future is open. But what happened to the first EGT Tesla race car that was built?


SPV Racing

SPV Racing was the first race team to buy an EGT Tesla Model S P100D. The team principal and one of the driving forces behind SPV Racing, Lars Lindberg, is a man with a deep passion for motorsports. A passion accompanied by high ambitions to push sustainable technologies in the motorsports and road mobility sectors. These ambitions moved SPV Racing to fully support the Electric GT Championship from the very beginning, and culminated in SPV buying the first EGT Tesla before the series was put on hold.


Optimising Performance

Since 2018 SPV Racing has been busy optimising their Tesla race car to unlock its full potential. Together with their partners they have managed to optimise the cooling systems, playing a key role in the car’s performance. Extensive efforts were also put into the software side of the car, paying off in the form of pure power. Taking full control over the engine and battery systems allows the team to optimise the car for every single race and make full use of its capabilities – and it has plenty to give!


Finally Going Racing

For the 2020 race season the SPV’s Tesla will take to the start of the Portuguese Hill Climbing Series under the livery of CdS Engineering. After recently obtaining the FiA approval – making it the only FiA approved Tesla race car – the Model S P100D with natural fibre bodywork is expected to deliver some great performances in the upcoming hill climb races. Lindberg is utterly pleased with the performance they are getting from the car and enjoys finally seeing it on the racetrack. On the first race of this spring he proudly comments: “This was the first time that any electrical car participated in a normal FiA approved race.” Meanwhile, he is more than busy pushing forward on a lighthouse project for EV technology in motorsports.


Circuito do Sol

In the Alentejo region of southern Portugal interesting things are happening. An old racetrack is about to be transformed into nothing less than a completely sustainable state-of-the-art EV technology hub for the motorsport world. Together with his partners, Lindberg is intent on building a centre for the development and testing of electric racing vehicles. The former racetrack is getting a complete overhaul and will ultimately provide options for three different loops. Beside the track, a brand-new technical facility will be hosting a full engineering department and workshop with state-of-the-art infrastructure, allowing for rapid prototyping and development capabilities. Large parts of the building will be taken up by a R&D centre that strongly focuses on lightweight composite materials and is modelled after Composite Design Sweden AB’s facilities.

The Circuito do Sol project will involve several stages over a long term. Adding trackside Hotels and real estate along with an inland lagoon, a Golf course and eventually even an international school ultimately evolving it into a place where people will live and work, are all part of the plan. The whole project is held together by the holistic approach to sustainability. The aspirations for true sustainability start with a large solar power plant on the side of the racetrack and extend over waste, sewage, and water management all the way to the layout, construction, and materials of the new buildings.


International race teams will have the opportunity to come here for testing and developing their EV technologies. And they will be able to do this in a truly sustainable environment.”, says Lars Lindberg, Chairman of Circuito do Sol. He adds: “Having a deep passion for motorsports but also for making the world better and liveable, this is our contribution. Basically, we do our best to play a role in the paradigm shift that the automotive industry is currently going through.”


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Jun 15, 2021

Reshaping the Board of Directors

The year of Bcomp’s 10th anniversary also marks a year of changes on the board of Bcomp Ltd. Our trusted Chairman of the Board, Christian Beer, is stepping down from his position after 10 years of passionate support to Bcomp’s management team. Christian Beer has accompanied Bcomp since the very early days and contributed to the incredible journey of the small startup to the scaleup company of today. The entire team at Bcomp would like to thank Christian Beer and wishes him all the best for his future projects. Looking back on his time with Bcomp, Christian Beer concludes that: “It  was a privilege to accompany Bcomp  to its current status as a scaleup as an investor and chairman. This great team with its highly developed top products, which meet the highest requirements in terms of resilience and sustainability, will find many applications for its products in the large markets of mobility.” Thomas Rauber, long-time member of the board and early-stage investor, is taking over the role as Chairman of the Board at Bcomp. At the same time, we welcome Christian Jaag as a new Member of the Board. Thomas Rauber, member of the StartAngels Network and CEO of TR Invest SA, has been a Bcomp investor and board member ever since the start of our adventure.  In addition to the significant contribution to Bcomp’s development throughout the years and his deep understanding of the business, Thomas has a proven track record in the cleantech sector while he has also demonstrated his qualifications as Chairman and member of several national boards. “Since 2012 I have been accompanying Bcomp as a seed investor and board member on this incredible journey to become the global leader in high performance lightweight natural fibre composites. In my new role as Board Chairman, I look forward to working with this fantastic team to conquer the automotive OEM, aerospace and marine industries.”, says Thomas about the start of a new era in his involvement with Bcomp. Christian Jaag holds a PhD in Economics and Finance from the University of St. Gallen. As a leading competition economist, regulatory expert and experienced board member, he will be a great addition to Bcomp’s board. Christian is excited to become a part of the Bcomp journey and adds: “Sustainability and leading technology are not just buzzwords at Bcomp, they are cornerstones of the company's excellent positioning. As a member of the Board of Directors, I look forward to actively shaping its next stage of development.”


Jun 09, 2021

Launch of the Baltic 68 Café Racer

The first Baltic 68 Café Racer was launched on schedule at the end of May when her super-stylish looks were revealed for the first time, her ease of use demonstrated and a new era of low carbon footprint yacht building unveiled. Some 50% of the Café Racer’s hull and deck mouldings use Bcomp’s ampliTex™ technical fabrics, made of naturally grown flax, as a reinforcement. A SPRINT prepreg lamination technique developed by Gurit is being used in this instance. Flax dramatically reduces the overall carbon footprint of the build and works well in conjunction with more conventional advanced composites, which are still used throughout the structure. “This is a yacht which tackles today’s challenges of sustainability and low carbon targets head on – she’s fun and easy to handle, offering a genuinely rewarding sailing experience. Baltic’s engineers and partners have incorporated a brilliant, naturally grown yacht building material in sustainable flax which perfectly complements the advanced composites expertise for which the company is renowned”, said Henry Hawkins, Baltic Yachts' Executive Vice President. For more information: Full press release from Baltic Yachts


Jun 09, 2021

Bcomp Webinar #1 – Sustainable Lightweighting in Motorsports

Join our very own Johann Wacht, Manager Motorsports, for an inspiring webinar on Sustainable Lightweighting in Motorsports. The first in an upcoming series of webinars where we will be diving into the details of our sustainable lightweighting solutions for different sectors. About the webinar: Since the introduction of carbon fibre to the racing world 40 years ago, it has been seen as the holy grail for bodyworks - this is about to change now. Carbon fibre has a striking sustainability and safety issue that can't be overlooked anymore. Bcomp's ampliTex™ + powerRibs™ natural fibre solutions offer the same stiffness and weight of thin-walled monolithic carbon fibre parts in a package that reduces the CO2 footprint by approximately 85% cradle-to-gate and is much safer due to a ductile breaking behaviour without sharp debris in case of a crash. Viable end-of-life options in the form of incineration for highly efficient thermal energy recovery without hazardous residual waste and avoiding the need for landfills further boosts the overall sustainability of Bcomp's natural fibre solutions. About the speaker: Johann Wacht is Manager Motorsports at Bcomp since 2018, responsible for implementing Bcomp’s sustainable lightweighting solutions with leading motorsports clients around the world, from GT customer racing up to F1. With a background in mechanical and automotive engineering as well as international sports management, he has built no less than five cars from scratch and has worked with composites for nine years. Motorsports delivers the proof of concept for high-performance applications under the most extreme environments and especially GT series act as scaling opportunity with close to road requirements, opening the doors to the premium mobility market. Details: What: 30 min presentation followed by an interactive Q&A session When: Wednesday June 23rd - 2.00 pm (CET) Where: online via Microsoft Teams Sign up here