Born in the Swiss Alps, bCores™ are the lightest high-performance wooden ski cores.

Balsa, the lightest wood re-engineered into superior ski cores with unparalleled performance-to-weight ratio – Bcomp’s proprietary bCores™ technology is revolutionizing the market. Designed in Switzerland with the latest lightweight engineering knowledge, by skiers, for skiers. Lighter, livelier and tougher – bCores™ ROCK!

Motorsports & bodywork


The lightest wood cores on the market


Feel the difference. Enjoy the ride

Compressive Strength

Made to last through use and abuse.

Shear Stiffness

Like a standard wood core - at a quarter of the weight

Balsa Wood

The best core material - made by nature. Responsibly sourced

bCores™ product range

bCores™ 165
bCores™ 200
bCores™ 300

Use bCores™ for

LINE Magnum Opus Skis with bCores™ by Eric Pollard

Thanks to bCores™, the Magnum Opus rises above all powder skis with award-winning, intuitive edge-to-edge precision and impossibly lightweight performance brought to you by LINE & Eric Pollard.

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