Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

On this page you will find our Bcomp | General Terms & Conditions  as well as our Bcomp | Development Services Terms. These documents are made available solely in English.


Please note that our General Terms & Conditions have been updated as of 9 December 2022. Our previous Terms and Conditions for the supply of Goods still apply to any act of business that has started before 9 December 2022. Any new sales order effective as of 9 December 2022 or later is subject to the newest version of our General Terms & Conditions.


Development services provided by Bcomp to its customers are subject to the Development Services Terms as of 9 December 2022.

As of 9 December, Bcomp has a new set of terms for its development services in place. These new terms are effective immediately and all development services provided by Bcomp to its customers are subject to these Bcomp | Development Services Terms

Ab dem 9. Dezember 2022 ist nur noch die englische Version Bcomp | General Terms & Conditions gültig und verfügbar.


Version 1.0 gültig bis zum 8. Dezember 2022:

Allgemeine Verkaufs- und Lieferbedingungen 1.0

À partir du 9 décembre 2022, seule la version anglaise Bcomp | General Terms & Conditions sera valable et disponible.


Version 1.0 valable jusqu’au 8 décembre 2022:

Conditions Générales de Livraison 1.0