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We are offering solutions for a cleaner future without compromising performance, and we help our customers until they can successfully launch by offering first class engineering support.

Bcomp’s unique approach to apply the latest composites knowledge to natural fibres has caught the interest of many – the proprietary reinforcement solution powerRibs™ and the ampliTex™ technical fabrics are being further developed within the European Space Agency’s Clean Space program with the aim of making space exploration more sustainable, and there are ongoing development projects with global automotive OEMs as well as within commercial aerospace.


Our solutions for large-scale mobility enables exceptional weight- and plastic reduction while improving crash behaviour and enabling novel design opportunities.


Aug 18, 2020

McLaren Racing is pioneering sustainable lightweighting in F1

We are extremely proud and excited to collaborate with McLaren Racing on pioneering the use of #sustainablelightweighting in Formula 1.   “Not only does this solution provide equivalent performance to carbon fibre, it represents another step forward in our evolving sustainability programme, while underlining our commitment to helping F1 turn its ambitious sustainability strategy into […]

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