Play Naturally Smart – sustainable performance for high-end sports gear

Natural fibres for enhanced performance and player feeling

Sustainable and lightweight, our ampliTex™ flax reinforcement fabrics enable innovation in sports gear – delivering a signature feeling, increasing performance while reducing the environmental impact – thus changing the way we see boarding, playing and performing.

Lightweight with high performance

High vibration damping


Lightweight with high performance

High vibration damping


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Play Naturally Smart

Experience the signature feeling and natural liveliness added by ampliTex™ reinforcements. Thanks to significantly better vibration damping properties than glass- and carbon fibres, our highly engineered flax fabrics deliver a smooth ride experience, less fatigue and new opportunities. ampliTex™ technical fabrics have been tested and proven in a variety of climates and hold up to humid and wet environments – like snow and water – without any issues when processed correctly.
Outperform traditional glass fibres with a renewable and CO2 neutral reinforcement.​


Start to think circular – our flax fibres are CO2 neutral over their life cycle, and the fibres themselves are biologically decomposable. As a renewable material, flax fibres sequester CO2 from the atmosphere during their growth, acting as a natural CO2 sink.

Engineered in Switzerland – grown and produced in Europe – our ampliTex™ fabrics are not only CO2 neutral cradle-to-gate but also offer viable end-of-life options. While recycling solutions for traditional composites are still being developed, parts made with flax fibre reinforcements can already today be used for highly efficient thermal energy recovery rather than ending up in landfills.


Bcomp’s ampliTex™ is available as dry fibre or natural fibre prepreg from trusted partners, making it suitable for vacuum infusion, autoclave, prepreg compression moulding (PCM) or RTM processes. It is easy, safe and downright pleasant to handle. There are no itching fibres, dangerous splinters or toxic fibre dust.

The Bcomp engineering team is stacked with people combining their engineering know-how with a true passion for sports. We are offering you free technical support, optimisation of layups and customizable solutions to answer your needs. Bcomp’s products are used by some of the most renowned, respected, and innovative sports brands.

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With the ampliTex™ and powerRibs™ product ranges, we offer solutions for sustainable lightweighting from sports to space.​


The ampliTex™ and  powerRibs™ product ranges of natural fibre reinforcements for sustainable lightweighting.