Play Naturally Smart – sustainable performance for high-end sports gear

Natural fibres for enhanced performance and player feeling

Sustainable and lightweight, our ampliTex™ reinforcement fabrics and bCores™ core material ranges enable innovation in sports gear – increasing performance, reducing the environmental impact – thus changing the way we see boarding, playing and performing.

Lightweight with high performance

High vibration damping


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Boarders of all kinds, surfers, tennis and hockey players, bicycle riders, kayakers – regardless of your sport, you want to push your material to the limit and feel comfortable with it. The same also applies to safety and protection equipment, such as helmets.

ampliTex™ reinforcement fabrics provide superior vibration damping and deliver a signature feeling to the rider or player. Thanks to our collaboration with the European Space Agency*, we are able to provide aerospace grade natural fibres.

bCores™ are Swiss patented wood cores for extremely lightweight, high performance board sports applications. They allow the creation of ultra-light skis and boards with unprecedented downhill performance.

*Disclaimer – The view expressed herein cannot be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Space Agency

A few examples

G3 – SLAYr freeride ski

The G3 SLAYr is the first freeride ski with the new bCores™ technology. Made of pure Balsa wood, Bcomp’s proprietary bCores™ technology has a unique performance to weight ratio, high compressive strength and exceptional shear stiffness, gained from +/- 45° wood grain alignment. The G3 SLAYr is a hard-charging freeride ski coming in at an incredibly low weight for easy uphill travel.

G3 SLAYr with bCores™

Starboards SUP - Blue Ocean

Starboard creates top choice and innovative boards for everyone from champions to beginners. Made from ampliTex™, the uni-directional flax rails are stiffer, stronger and have a higher breaking point than carbon fibre rails.

Starboard SUP with ampliTex™ as reinforcement

Revolución FLAX bike frame

This ampliTex™ bike frame offers an innovative take on performance and durability. By providing tangible compliance and shock absorption over rough surfaces, the flax composite tubing is able to provide similar performance to carbon fibres while reducing the costs. The strength-to-weight ratio of these parts means that the bike can be every bit the lithe yet tough featherweight that it promises.

Flax bike frame

All Cases

Sustainable lightweighting

Thanks to the powerRibs™ technology, a full natural fibre layup of ampliTex™ + powerRibs™ matches the performance of carbon fibres for motorsport bodywork and other thin-walled shell elements. ​As opposed to carbon fibres, this natural fibre composite has a ductile fracture behaviour with blunt edges, thus improving safety without sharp carbon fibre shattering and toxic carbon fibre dust. Furthermore, vibration damping is significantly improved. ​


Our flax fibres are CO2 neutral over their life cycle, and the fibres themselves are biologically decomposable. The production of parts made from ampliTex™ and powerRibs™ has a 75% lower CO2 footprint than that of carbon fibre parts with equal weight and performance. Production consumables are reduced, as bleeders and breathers can be left aside, saving both costs and waste. At the end of their life, parts can be thermally recycled without residual waste within the standard waste management system rather than ending up in landfills.


Bcomp’s ampliTex™ is available as dry fibre or prepreg from trusted partners, making it suitable for vacuum infusion, autoclave or RTM processes. The bCores™ are a lightweight core-material with exceptional shear stiffness and compressive strength. The Bcomp engineering team is stacked with people combining their engineering know-how with a true passion for sports. We are offering you free technical support, optimisation of layups and customizable solutions to answer your needs. Bcomp’s products are used by some of the most renowned, respected, and innovative sports brands.

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With the ampliTex™, powerRibs™ and bCores™ product ranges, we offer solutions for sustainable lightweighting from sports to space.​


The ampliTex™, powerRibs™ and bCores™ product ranges of natural fibre reinforcements for sustainable lightweighting.


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